About Thrive 105

The Thrive 105-93 Corridor Plan was completed in 2017. It focused on creating a collective vision for the neighborhoods connected by the # 10 RTA Bus Route, focusing on linking healthy, equitable and sustainable communities.

Project Phases

These are the phases of the project development process. The City is currently in the Preliminary Engineering phase. The City of Cleveland is developing the Preliminary Engineering for Thrive 105-93 through the Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects, in collaboration with the City Planning Commission and other City departments.

Planning Phase Project Milestones

May 2016Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
June 2016Stakeholder Interviews
June 2016Neighborhood Meeting Series
July 2016Surveys At Community Events
August 2016Supplemental Public Meeting
September 2016Creative Corridor Event At Ingenuity Fest
October 2016Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
October 2016Neighborhood Intercept Meeting Series
November 2016Charrette Design Workshop
January 2017Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
February 2017Neighborhood Night Engagements
March 2017Public Open House Meetings Series

Preliminary Engineering Project Milestones

August 10, 2022Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
October 12, 2022Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
Coming SoonPublic Meeting

Plan’s Goals

  • Providing better access to jobs
  • Making people feel safer
  • Supporting healthy lifestyles
  • Building community pride

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Corridor at a Glance






Community Development Corporations


Major Bus Routes


Major Rapid Transit Routes Crossed

Diagram depicting the corridor and its intersection with Cleveland neighborhoods.

Diagram depicting the corridor and its intersection with Cleveland neighborhoods.